BoldPas 2018

BoldPas is a vibrant, one-day art event featuring 13 selected, large-scale installations in historic alleyways throughout Old Pasadena.
Photography by Maureen Ann Roque

a little girl laying on a red fur x sculpture looking at camera

a girl posing and a baby sitting on top of an orange y shaped fur sculpture

a little girl petting a yellow fur sculpture

a green fur angled bench

a girl playing on a green fur bench

a boy posing around a large x fur sculpture

a woman posing on a blue fur bench

three people looking at a red x fur sculpture

a boy with a captain america shield sitting on a yellow fur triangle sculpture

a little girl playing on a blue fur bench sculpture

a boy and girl playing around a large x shaped fur sculpture

two women posing next to a yellow triangle fur sculputure

a boy posing on a yellow triangle fur sculpture and someone taking his picture

a group of people around two fur sculptures

an artist statement of Maxwell Coppola's fur figures at BoldPas