A successful piece is often achieved only after overcoming a number of hurdles. An artist starts, stops, tries, fails, and picks himself back up again along the way. I try (and often fail) to create something unexpected. I gravitate toward bright colors because they can be overwhelming, and fur because it makes you want to reach out and touch it. A glimmer of light can shine off a piece of metal and catch your eye. I think about the relationships between my pieces; the color and form of each piece bouncing off one other to create an environment for the viewer.

I long for the freedom I had exploring as a child; for the wonder in each of my discoveries. My plans are loose and at times nonexistent, which can lead to serendipitous results. I’m curious about what I don’t know, so I continue to try new paths and experiment with my materials. Each material’s potential and its limitations dictate how it will be used; in a sculpture, within a painting, as part of an installation or something in-between.